Better than winning

an  AWARD is...

There is something way better than winning an award:


telling everyone ‘you won an award’!

An Industry or trade award says that someone has independently said that you are good, and even better than your competitors. This third-party validation sends a very powerful message to a whole host of people:


  1. Prospective Clients: Imagine you were shopping around for a new accounting package and narrow it down to 3 companies. You then see one of them has one ‘Best Accounting Package of the Year’ as voted by the British Accountants Association for 2 years running. Which one do you think you are going to be focusing on?

  2. Existing Clients: Unfortunately, when your back is turned your competitors will be talking to your long-standing customers. I know how sneaky eh? They will try every trick in the book, reducing price and even suggesting a better service. A cake arrives announcing that you are better than the very same competitor that just left. This reinforces their decision to have placed their trust in you.

  3. Social Media: I am challenged with coming up for content to post in the usual places. We all know who and where these posts go; my grandson recognised the YouTube logo at just 18 months old. Coming up with good content is not easy, an award win, gives you a really good reason (and almost certainly a good photo) to distribute content to those that matter.

  4. Traditional Press: If you were a journalist would you rather receive an emailed Press Release, or a cake and an accompanying Press Release? Add in a good-feel photo of smiling people cutting or enjoying a cake and you they have a readymade article. Making their job both simple and pleasurable is going to dramatically improve your chances of getting good PR coverage.

  5. Consider Quality awards. Don’t just consider the traditional awards, think also of quality marks such as ISO and Investors in People. These types award scream quality and place some distance between you and competitors without them.





Applying for and awards can be a time consuming and costly. Be careful to pick both relevant awards think you have a good chance of winning.


We once took 10 minutes to apply for a small business of the year award run by Yellow Pages (remember them?). We were runners up in the category of Small Family Business Of The Year Award, brackets London Region, close brackets. I must confess that I was occasionally guilty of casually forgetting the ‘London Region’ bit 😉


Here is a simple award strategy for you:

  1. Set an annual budget for Awards, be sure to factor in some for a cake campaign!

  2. Research awards in your sector and the close date, include fees in your budget.

  3. Eye up the competition and pick the right category.

  4. Review who won previously and why.

  5. Draw up an audience list so should you win they can be informed.



Finally get the application completed and get the dinner suit or evening dress dry cleaned. If you would like any further advice we have some great resources and information on this subject.

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