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The Oxford dictionary has this definition for the word ‘celebrate’:

“Acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event)

with a social gathering or enjoyable activity. “

You might think you have to wait 50 years and then add ‘est.’ to your letterhead to have any credible reason to have your own celebration.


You would be wrong; the oldest celebratory cake we have made was in honour of Richard the third. There is small group of eccentrics that get together to discuss him and have a cake every year. Then there was a Natural History Museum who had a cake to celebrate the 200 year birthday of Charles Darwin Day.

One of the oldest company anniversary cakes we have done was for Tetley Tea’s 175th Anniversary.

They sent cakes to all the TV and radio stations.

The natural association of a cup of tea and a slice of cake, captured the imagination of journalists and producers.

This worked well and a great deal of PR was gained for a modest sum.

If you are a start-up and have just survive your first year, of course you should celebrate that.

Q. What if you are 11 years in business, do you have to wait for another number friendly milestone?

A. The simple answer is NO, get creative!

You could celebrate the 50th EMPLOYEE, or the 3rd LOCATION.

A dynamic fintech company, called Clearscore, regularly celebrate the NUMBER OF USERS to their platform.


The intervals between cakes are decreasing as the company continues rapid expansion. Staff can see how their efforts are contributing to the company’s goal. They can then eat the result. Keeping score is clearly working for Clearscore.

Another good trick we have seen is to celebrate the number of months a company has been in existence. Why not celebrate the 50 or 100 month anniversary (4 years and 2 months and 8 years and 4 months, in case you were wondering).

One London Theatre frequently uses our cakes to get Press attention (picture above). Recently they used the ‘let’s invent a fun anniversary’ concept. 1000 shows, that is something to shout about and judging by ticket sales; it worked.


The quirkier your choice of anniversary the more attention it is likely to get. Our advice is not to sit and wait for the 100 year anniversary to come along, unless of case you are currently on 99 years, in which case we will talk to you next year!


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