Case Study 7:

Company Anniversary

Customer: Spectrum IT

Number of Cupcakes:45

Location: South of England

Size: Small Office

Occasion: 20 Years in Biz

Objective: Customer Engagement

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Any company that can not only stay in business but thrive needs to be applauded. Add in the fact that this company operates in the competitive and fast moving world of IT recruitment and it makes it doubly special.

No wonder then that they wanted to shout from the rooftops to say: " We are still hear and we are better than ever ".

As part of their marketing campaign we arranged for a branded cake to be couried to their key client list across the South Of England.

A lonnnggg time ago I was a Technical Sales Engineer for a Pharmaceutical company and the client base of Spectrum were sprinkled across 'my patch'; so nearly every address held a personal memory.

The Marketing Manager, Nicole reported back:

" Thanks to cakesforbusiness and the cake campaign, over 60% of our clients called to thank us for the cake and congratulate us on our anniversary "

We will follow up with them for their 21st and we bet their sales will have gone up too !

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