Case Study 6:

Staff Taining

Customer: Google

Number of Cupcakes:150

Location: Central London

Size: Individual

Occasion: Company Initiative

Objective: Staff Training

Other: Digital download

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Google are a very forward thinking company. They tend to employee the brightest minds to do brilliant things.

We have been supplying cakes to them for around 3 years, particularly to their ' Artificial Intelligence' division; Deep Mind. The founder of which lives a few miles from our bakery.

Google are 'big' on staff training, especially as there is a lot to learn. Having attracted great people, they aim to keep them, and to keep them motivated and interested.

Three or four times a year we supply them with some fun cupcakes. The design is around a particular current initiative that they are looking to focus on.

We are not told what that initiative is, even if we were, we probably would not understand it !

Often we are made aware of something that is commercially sensitive, we never share any information and frequently sign NDA's (Non Disclosure Agreements) to give our customers extra security.

If you have a fun project, call us to discuss it.

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